Friday, 6 May 2011

Post-Midnight Cravings.

Okay, I just woke up all happy thinking, ohmygod I got up so early now I can do all the fun stuff yaeyy. I can call up my cousin and ask her to meet up for shopping and her pending b'day lunch and I could go out for a walk with my daddu+amma, and I could write a short fiction piece or maybe a peom, and I reach for the phone to see the time, it's as usual switched off cuz it ran out of battery. So, I check on my i-pod and IT IS FIVE PAST ONE. IN THE MORNING! And nobody cares about me or shopping right now cuz they're all sleeping like sane human beings, NOT craving coke and chocolate in the middle of the night. 


I was really excited I woke up early :( , anyway I went online and stuff and I was watching videos, eating Twix and drinking Thumsup ( I know, right?) and it suddenly struck me that I was awfully thugged today at the Sony Store where I went to buy a new battery charger for my not-so-cool camera since the previous one did the magical disappearing trick on me. Now, who would have thought these things are so expensive, I DO-NOT want to pay 3 grand for a friggin charger?! What does it, last you for life or something? Uh, NO! 
So, I clicked a billion pictures just to have a post, since it's been soo long and also, cuz I'm a random person. XD
And I did my eyes a little so I wouldn't look like a sleep-retarded ogre, but guess what decides to show up blatantly in the photos? No, not the eyes, the ginormous pimple making its way up-top on my chin. Now, that's one shiny thing I don't like, don't ask what I did to it though.. it still hurts. : (
OH. And exams just finished yaeyy. Still have practicals though, sigh, such is life. 
Moving on, I HEART TWIX+COKE.. In the middle of the night. So by the time I finished clicking the protagonists of my 'shoot', the coke was not cold anymore and the chocolate had melted a little, I stil heart. <3 For life! XD
What are your weird cravings at night? Like maybe ketchup and sugar? Lol, I dunno, share. ; ]

PS. I'm not all vain but it's hard to find good lighting on the street post midnight when in reality you are honestly not up and about bubbling with creativity. ; /

Thugged! : /
Randomness #1
Forever. <3

So the camera clicks like thaatttt. OH.
In memory of the gigantic pimple on the chin.
It takes you a while getting used to the whole auto-timer thing. It's almost scary. : |
Randomness #3

Good morning to the sane, good-night to the sexy! XD


  1. first and foremost, i must tell u, u really look pretty damn cute when u r posing. i cant explain any more. but u do..

    second as for late night cravings, i like chocolate cake or lemonade if i wanna stay up. :P

    and as for blog cravings at any time of the day, its possibly this one. :P

  2. Chocolate cake <3333
    Also, you're pretty darn sweet yourself. ;]

  3. i know. but not in the way you are. for example there is honey which is sweet and then there is the solid ruthless crystal sugar. you are the honey. :P