Saturday, 14 May 2011

OOTD! err . IF you're in Alaska .. AND it's awfully warmer than usual. :D

Uhm lol so this is one of those crazy random days when you would do anything for the weather to get a little cooler if not start snowing. I know my thought didn't really help and actually only made me even hotter but aaah who cares. I can't imagine WHAT life would be like if it weren't for air-conditioning systems. ; /
Anywayyy since I was supposed to be flying to Canada this week for Internship and instead I am stuck here because of some random reasons, I'd rather just dream about colder places and satiate this pitiful void that seems as disconsolate and stubborn as that awful zit in one of the previous posts. 
Now DON'T go looking for my acne-ridden endeavours, geez! XD

Enjoy. ; ]

The dress is a nice peach, I have NO clue about what is going on here though. ; /
Dress/PROMOD/ Indian Rupee ₹1990 (On Sale)

Boots/ZARA/ Indian Rupee ₹2590
AKA Heat-Burn-Torture routine; the usual.

I'm NOT the cute poser person & I do not understand why all the pictures border on attempts to emulate lame-cute. ; /

PS. Nicki Minaj's - Super Bass is probably a half-fierce wave that will die out in a couple hours but lol excuse me cuz this is my hour.

PPS. Going shopping todayyyyyyyyy. It's been sooo long with exams and stuff, I HOPE I don't get too overwhelmed and not buy anything. OR forget how to shop?! Is it even possible? :O


  1. haha yeah u might just feel cooler by pretending ur at a cooler place :) unique way of thinking, i hope it works!!

  2. lol curse it cuz it didn't, just like my much awaited getaway to where it will NEVER be this hot.
    So yaeyyy air conditioning for now. X[

  3. haha your writing is hillarious!
    also,cute outfit!

  4. Lol you get me man haha.
    This blog is kind of a retreat so my friend won't think I can only do depressive, dark, push-you-in-the-dungeon poetry/writing.
    Also, thanks. ;]

  5. hahha..i know...Totally want the cold to set-in so that i can wear some leather shit:0
    quite sure that if a/c hadn't been invented,i'd already be in hell;D
    and internship in canada??! loving the layering:)
    p.s-ah get you on the Aldo thingy...but Aldo shoes are a far better choice than those! Bags.. not much;p

  6. yeaa but some of them are just bleh.
    i have to like go on a major shoe shopping thing someplace nice!!
    Shoes are something I can never decide on. ;/