Saturday, 30 April 2011

The ZARA way.

Since this is no talk-of-the-town blog (as yet), I just want to give a big shoutout to all the smartasses  kind enough to read this. I'm not a 'lady' per se, but we all try right. And, especially, since this is my first, I shall be excused. 
Also, I used to think mentioning the prices of the stuff you're showing off via your blog is totally underrated and should be be done away with like asap, but I realise now, that some people are genuinely interested in buying similar stuff and this may just help them, after all we're only like-minded people sharing some thought space together. Also, that this whole fashion blogging is not just a show off playground it may have seemed through a distance. 
So, I'd let the meaning remain as candid and simple as it is, I'm here to be inspired and of what I can, to inspire people to just remember that there's a reason why the first rain is so special and the sun so subliminal at dawn, both in their most unadulterated forms. And, that blindsiding yourself into following the mainstream is not cool 'cuz Fashion & Style can never be fed into someone, they come from within, so listen close and follow, You!

And, yes this is unnecessary absolute, total waste of space (read the bajillion photos), but ah well who's counting.


The camera sucks, I know, charity anyone?

I see youu

Pants; ZARA Woman; Indian Rupee ₹ 3590
Shirt; ZARA Woman; Indian Rupee ₹ 1990
Belt; ZARA
Ear-rings; Ambience Mall; VK

Raffia Ballerina Flats; ZARA TRF;  Indian Rupee ₹ 2190

These pants can JLo anyyyonee. LOVE LOVE them.

I was going to change, but decided on a last few freakshow shots XD



  1. Welcome to the blogging world dear...wish you loads of luck!See you around..great post btw!! :)))

  2. Nice to see new bloggers on the blogosphere! Another Zara obsessed fan, I take it ;)

    And you're prettyyy! :)

  3. I had always been one, but my last was a literature oriented, since I practically write in my sleep too. But it got deleted probably cuz I was inactive on the blog per se for soo long.
    Anyway, im gng to mix this one up. ;]

    Also, you are too. <3

  4. tell u what, those pants are awesome. or maybe i am biased since u mentioned jlo but therte is opne thing i did notice. grey anot ur colour. i mean u luk plain hot in d colour pics but on a reyscale well, not that erm hot :P

    btw welcome to blogging. or shud i say bck? :P

  5. I like the color of your room. ;)
    And lovely shirt.

    Good luck with the blogging journey. (I need luck myself too!) =)


  6. Whiskey - Sure lol, I'm telling you the camera is just whack. Would you believe it's a 10 mp?!

    Bonniela - Thanks, hun. All the luck to you too. ;]

  7. erm i m bad with cameras. i can only judge if the poser is hot or not :P

  8. welcome to blogland...
    love your pictures...
    will be following you:)

    do follow me back:)

  9. Your eyeliner is so pretty!


  10. you know what, i actually love your previous post 'era-hopping' great-read. so following:)
    and haha.. i started out with a digicam too..but you did good with it...while i was pretty blaahhh:D
    plus you're pretty:)

  11. Jo - Thanks, hun. ;]

    Lavogue-ish7 - Thankyou so much. lol and I have got to get rid of this camera. And there's certain something more to everyone one of us than fashion so I'm really glad that you liked my first post. I am a writer so I'll try and blend literature, art and fashion in whatever I do. ;]