Saturday, 25 June 2011

Breaking the old.

Okay, the cycle of depression just broke I guess.. : /

I have honestly never been so worn out and muddled up with so much travelling and school work and things. I have a list in my mind and a couple of drafts lined up but never enough heart to put them into legitimate writing and post! 
Anyway I just came back from Bangalore last night and have been lazing about, and I leave for Bangkok tomorrow and then Bombay when I'm back!! This is the most amount of travelling I've ever done (and shopping, I'm hoping XD ).
But, I just wanted to do a post cuz this is probably one of the reasons I wanted to start re-blogging, to have like a chronicle of my life and stuff. So, hopefully I get everything in line and can settle things as they should be. 
Also, please tell me alllll about Bangkok AND Bombay, all the places to shop, eat, everything!!


You know when you know. ;]