Sunday, 8 May 2011

Curls for life! :*

Yea I know doing your hair the night before an exam is probably the fagest thing ever but it's only practicals right, you don't have to be Einsetin or someone to ace 'em. So, I just curled my hair and I kinda didn't want to waste them so I thought I'd just do kind of an outfit/hair post. The shorts are one size too big on me, but the belt I got at Zara keeps them secure. Even though I'm going to give them to someone who can really fit into them, I could pass off for the same size even if I did wear them. The shirt's transparent and makes the underwear visible from just about all angles, so I'm going to have to do something about that too. And ughh the camera kept dying on me and I just wanted to get it done cuz I just wanted to study and sleep cuz I have practicals, but whatever, now it's done so it's fine.
ALSO, I'm SO excited I found my old blog that's all about dark poetry/fiction and stuff so hopefully I can manage both now.

The shorts are one size too big. Without the belt it's just waste of life. -_-
See how the shirt has some sort of texture work.
Just some MAC, Kohl- Bourjois/Chambor

Hair love <33

Check out Alina Barlova's choreography on the song if you love hiphop/break/bboying as much. Even though it isn't the best, she is surely one fierce minx. She just defined emasculation for a wholeee bunch out there. #kidding #not



  1. sexy curls and i love them shorts

  2. forgive me. i have sinned. i didn't mean to stare. but stare i did. so if its okay with you, i will get back to it. thank you. and you are gorgeous :D

  3. Rohinie - Thanks hun. ;]

    Raj- lol sure come back whenever.
    Also, thankyouuu for finding my blog.

  4. thankyou for having a blog. :)