Sunday, 22 May 2011

FML ! + Retail Therapy.

Okay I don’t like diet OR regular Pepsi. Just thought you should know.
So, today is officially the day I was supposed to fly out to the lands of cooler breeze and so-much-better shopping sprees, but guess why the title!
Yeayyy…………. NOT!
Stuck at home. Eating fat-fug-junk. Drinking right out of the bottle. Didn’t take a bath today. Yea I said it, I don’t care what you think. I just said this isn’t the typical me, but when I lose it, I lose it hard. And I’m so friggin’ out of it right now, Gerry Springer could be standing next to me, and I would literally smack his guts out.
No offence though Jerry, you carry on.

Anyway, back to the non-jealous part. Like seriously I could have people carry all sorts of Birkin’s and Veneta’s and you just wouldn’t phase me. You wouldn’t. And I know that sucks for you, but yea that’s how it is. BUT today when this friend and I were supposed to ‘together’ fly out for our ‘internship’ (sure!), I’m stuck in my bedroom and she’s waiting the boarding pass line. How totally nice is that!

If there’s any realprofessional I want to know, it’s the Visa office people. First off, they are just plain rude for God only knows whatever anyone did to them. Secondly, I just hate the whole business of waiting for the Visa thing, it’s like I’m back in Grade X. But those were a good times. And NO, my Visa app. did not get rejected, I just never handed it in.
Just cuz! O-Kay!
OKAY cuz one of the billion documents took too much time to come in.

SO I thought I deserved to feel good about things. You know embrace the situation I’m in and make this holy shit worth living a little. Sure, whatever.
So, I drove to the other end to make us a little poor. In other words, went shopping.

PS. : Well. This post is pretty much an ode to my FML situation, so yea for what it’s worth just check the stuff I got. AND for the first time I don’t even know if I like it all. : /
I think it was the screwed up thoughts that tried to mess around.

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner = STILL skinny as fuck! F-M-L!
WANTED : Shopping bag holder + Photo taker boyfriend!
Loose some, gain some right?! ; /
French Connection/ Day Clutch/ Indian Rupee symbol.svg 2499
Vero Moda/ Astair Day Bag/ Indian Rupee symbol.svg1995
MAC + Colorbar.
Colorbar/ Apple Martini 06/ Indian Rupee symbol.svg 150
Bare Essentials/ Emery Boards (2)/ Indian Rupee symbol.svg75
MAC/ Kohl; Smolder/ Indian Rupee symbol.svg900
MAC/ Studio Fix; Powder + Foundation/ Indian Rupee symbol.svg 1600
MAC/ Studio Fix; Fluid/ Indian Rupee symbol.svg 1600
Yeaa a failed attempt lol I know 
That's how the La Senza woman tried to bruise me.. Wait is it cuz I asked her one time too much? : O
No seriously the service around these places has deteriorated wayy much or maybe I've just fallen prey of-late. At Zara too, whatever I'd ask the guy to check in my size he'd always say we don't have it! Not even in the stock?! What are you, running a small time, t-shirt store that you don't stock up now? LIARS!

Mostly cuz of the size since I picked a size 2!, I'm going to go a size up so it doesn't make me look like a suffocating frog. And NO, I'm not anorexic/bulimic, I wear a US 6, but this particular fit is not true to size at all ( for people interested in buying) hence the confusion.
I know but I don't REALLY know.
So the La Senza woman was pretty pleased with me I guess even though she didn't really care much when I asked to get me a bunch of other things which made me just get some and leave, she had a thing for post-order gifts I guess, hence this.
To wear as a glove?
OR perhaps as a fish-net stocking.. for 'one' leg?
Maybe for fishing? Except, I am a vegetarian. : |
Gangstaaa XD
Yaeyy, my catch! At an exorbitant 'little' give away. This doesn't quite explain the oxymoron my life has become right now but yeaa.
OH, the smile's metaphorical.
 Save them for the Rewards thing. ; /

Now I remember why I chose the name I did. : /

This is what is helping me out of this random phase-


Saturday, 14 May 2011

OOTD! err . IF you're in Alaska .. AND it's awfully warmer than usual. :D

Uhm lol so this is one of those crazy random days when you would do anything for the weather to get a little cooler if not start snowing. I know my thought didn't really help and actually only made me even hotter but aaah who cares. I can't imagine WHAT life would be like if it weren't for air-conditioning systems. ; /
Anywayyy since I was supposed to be flying to Canada this week for Internship and instead I am stuck here because of some random reasons, I'd rather just dream about colder places and satiate this pitiful void that seems as disconsolate and stubborn as that awful zit in one of the previous posts. 
Now DON'T go looking for my acne-ridden endeavours, geez! XD

Enjoy. ; ]

The dress is a nice peach, I have NO clue about what is going on here though. ; /
Dress/PROMOD/ Indian Rupee ₹1990 (On Sale)

Boots/ZARA/ Indian Rupee ₹2590
AKA Heat-Burn-Torture routine; the usual.

I'm NOT the cute poser person & I do not understand why all the pictures border on attempts to emulate lame-cute. ; /

PS. Nicki Minaj's - Super Bass is probably a half-fierce wave that will die out in a couple hours but lol excuse me cuz this is my hour.

PPS. Going shopping todayyyyyyyyy. It's been sooo long with exams and stuff, I HOPE I don't get too overwhelmed and not buy anything. OR forget how to shop?! Is it even possible? :O

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Colour pop and Summer heels.

Tube top
$20 -

Wet Seal tube top
$5.99 -

A L C p

Everything is centered around the Charlotte Olympia Tri-colour Platform Pumps. <33333

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Curls for life! :*

Yea I know doing your hair the night before an exam is probably the fagest thing ever but it's only practicals right, you don't have to be Einsetin or someone to ace 'em. So, I just curled my hair and I kinda didn't want to waste them so I thought I'd just do kind of an outfit/hair post. The shorts are one size too big on me, but the belt I got at Zara keeps them secure. Even though I'm going to give them to someone who can really fit into them, I could pass off for the same size even if I did wear them. The shirt's transparent and makes the underwear visible from just about all angles, so I'm going to have to do something about that too. And ughh the camera kept dying on me and I just wanted to get it done cuz I just wanted to study and sleep cuz I have practicals, but whatever, now it's done so it's fine.
ALSO, I'm SO excited I found my old blog that's all about dark poetry/fiction and stuff so hopefully I can manage both now.

The shorts are one size too big. Without the belt it's just waste of life. -_-
See how the shirt has some sort of texture work.
Just some MAC, Kohl- Bourjois/Chambor

Hair love <33

Check out Alina Barlova's choreography on the song if you love hiphop/break/bboying as much. Even though it isn't the best, she is surely one fierce minx. She just defined emasculation for a wholeee bunch out there. #kidding #not


Friday, 6 May 2011

Post-Midnight Cravings.

Okay, I just woke up all happy thinking, ohmygod I got up so early now I can do all the fun stuff yaeyy. I can call up my cousin and ask her to meet up for shopping and her pending b'day lunch and I could go out for a walk with my daddu+amma, and I could write a short fiction piece or maybe a peom, and I reach for the phone to see the time, it's as usual switched off cuz it ran out of battery. So, I check on my i-pod and IT IS FIVE PAST ONE. IN THE MORNING! And nobody cares about me or shopping right now cuz they're all sleeping like sane human beings, NOT craving coke and chocolate in the middle of the night. 


I was really excited I woke up early :( , anyway I went online and stuff and I was watching videos, eating Twix and drinking Thumsup ( I know, right?) and it suddenly struck me that I was awfully thugged today at the Sony Store where I went to buy a new battery charger for my not-so-cool camera since the previous one did the magical disappearing trick on me. Now, who would have thought these things are so expensive, I DO-NOT want to pay 3 grand for a friggin charger?! What does it, last you for life or something? Uh, NO! 
So, I clicked a billion pictures just to have a post, since it's been soo long and also, cuz I'm a random person. XD
And I did my eyes a little so I wouldn't look like a sleep-retarded ogre, but guess what decides to show up blatantly in the photos? No, not the eyes, the ginormous pimple making its way up-top on my chin. Now, that's one shiny thing I don't like, don't ask what I did to it though.. it still hurts. : (
OH. And exams just finished yaeyy. Still have practicals though, sigh, such is life. 
Moving on, I HEART TWIX+COKE.. In the middle of the night. So by the time I finished clicking the protagonists of my 'shoot', the coke was not cold anymore and the chocolate had melted a little, I stil heart. <3 For life! XD
What are your weird cravings at night? Like maybe ketchup and sugar? Lol, I dunno, share. ; ]

PS. I'm not all vain but it's hard to find good lighting on the street post midnight when in reality you are honestly not up and about bubbling with creativity. ; /

Thugged! : /
Randomness #1
Forever. <3

So the camera clicks like thaatttt. OH.
In memory of the gigantic pimple on the chin.
It takes you a while getting used to the whole auto-timer thing. It's almost scary. : |
Randomness #3

Good morning to the sane, good-night to the sexy! XD