Thursday, 28 July 2011

Look who's talking ?!

When im hungry, like very very hungry, since I'm always hungry 'cuz I practically starve myself and no, to not loose weight, I swear to you I could really 'use' a pound or two, maybe even 20. yea. so when im reallyyyy hungry, I kid myself. I make believe that I'm this humongous ogre who could possibly eat the whole of Africa and still have a portion or two of the south. Seriously! I make ginormous amounts of food portions that in practicaltiy could be finished by ten of me and then I start eating, I hog and hog and guess what doesnt come as a surprise, I have to throw most of it out. 

Like today, I was on this clean India mission, wait what? Everything starts from the confines of your own home right? geez! anyway, so here's why i never clean. I have the clean bug like when I have piles of stuff around I can still manage but when i strat cleaning up I want every moeffin dust particle to know they knocked the wrong window. ;[
I HATE DUSTING man but I just I duno noone cleans precisely how you'd like so every now and then (read maybe twice a year) i wear my 'cleanbee' throne and I clean like it's going outta style. lol. I swear! So when I was done with all the stuff I'd planned for today, I rushed to the kitchen to make some burgers. Vegetarian, yea. Shove it, carnivores. All you are about is flesh and bones so yeaa let me save the planet and we're good. ;[

And I gathered all the stuff I needed and I made 4 giant ones. And since I have confessed to being this lamesass perfectionist, when I was done, I cleaned out the kitchen, filled all the water bottles, gave David his water and biscuits and switched on the laptop/wi-fi thing, washed my hands (yea all this when I'm starving and can eat the African Continent shit yea) , I remove the sheets, jump on the bed, put on tvduck and have my first bite and THAT feeling crawled up again. IM never going to finish this whole thing. Who was I kidding? 4 burgers? :(

1 down. : /

2 down. : |

Okay I'm three down now but theres still one more to go. Damn I feel like im on the episode of man v/s food lmao and I can never make it. okay pray! yes.
Lord. The Almighty. The Food Provider. The Burger Inventor, I call upon thee to bestow me with all the hunger of Africa and all the sensibilty of the american fat-trade so I can finish this last burger and I dont have to waste such nice cheese and feel guilty about the famine stricken part of the world. Amen.

guess who just showed up! mother of all trades. uhm that didn't come out quite right. uhm uhm the divine nurturer, provider, giver, the only, my only reason to have what I have of the feminine side, 'the mother'.
And I popped the question, would you like a perfect portion of burger with your favourite cheese, sauteed.... and she stops the dramatic theatrical desciption, could pass for soliloquy, and she takes-it!
Im happy as a bud. Yaeyy yaeyy. Ah now I can sleep nice. Thankyou God, for letting me jump the bridge on the hypocrisy trip I preach the world about, yea! Nailed it. Now I can still do that. Ha-ha. Lalalalalaaalaa
So Im gna go dance now.

Oorrrr.. maybe sleep. XD

Peaceout, biaatches!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

College &..

you know those weird days when you don't want to be mad at everyone but you're mad at everyone for no apparent reason really but you just think being defensive is not only the last but the Only resort kinda thing and you're going through all these random documents and videos and books and other stuff lying around you and you think damn! I have SO much to do and time suddenly feels to be slipping through your fingers, literally!, you can feel it, like your breath, shortened yet aware, because, how expressive can it really be now?and then you know... 

BAM!.. O.C.D!


; ]

Zara Shirt/Zara Leggings/Zara flats. Same old same old. : D

And, ofcourse..

The camera just hit a new 'high',and with all the editing and blah I wna kiss it soo hard! NOT 
; [

Friday, 22 July 2011

The new AA : Addict's Anonymous

You know the time when you know you don't need 'the thing' but you get it anyway, cuz,
  • It's on sale!
  • It's only an addition to the incomplete family of the other stuff you bought sometime back?
  • You've been looking at it just a little too long everytime you've entered the store so it just speaks to you now?
  • You got something that matches perfectly with this new thing?
  • You're depressed so it's getaway?
  • You just love clothes!
  • You store-stalk! aka YOU'RE AN ADDICT!
SO, the only reason I do this post right now is cuz I have been battling quite the syndrome here and I have decided ways on how I am going to get it together! I don't care if I was on vacation or that my birthday just falls around the sale time, shopping as an escape is a true money killer alongwith a crazy diversion from you facing your problems! It is only acceptable when you know you need (not want!) something so you get it. Yes, we're girls, we like dressing up and having options, but what I just did the past 30 days was just not right. I wouldn't be saying that if I loved every single piece to bits cuz in all honesty I wish I didn't buy some that I did. But anyway, it just passed border line crazy when I bought two pants, same style, same colour in 2 different sizes cuz I didnt want to stand in line and wait an hour to try and still not know which one to buy. Also, not to forget I JUST bought a basic one in the same colour a few days back. If THIS isn't crazy I duno what is!

So, I have been to Bangalore, Bangkok, skipped Pune/Bombay (thankgod?), Jodhpur, and Saket/VK in the past 30 days and have shopped like the world was coming to an end! 

Ways to work with yourself :

  • Carry a small pad on which you've made a note of all the stuff that you need. More importantly, FOLLOW IT!
  • Do not sway!
  • Make a pact to take a couple gaps of not shopping on every outing that you make to the mall.
  • Find activities/hobbies around the mall that you like other than shopping if you like the mall so much!
  • Take a friend/family member who HATES shopping to put you in your place when you need it.
  • Write all the similar/same things you have, that way putting outfits together won't always mean you need to shop more!
  • Colour coordinate your closet! Put all the same coloured things together so you don't have to rummage through a rainbow trying to find a non colour every morning.
  • Don't carry any extra cash or credit cards for the next couple visits after any major slip-ups.

PS. Screw you Sukrit, did you really have to be so nice about picking the bags, helping with more options, queing up at the trial room/billing counter and parking money?!

Addiction Symptom :1: You stuff all the bags to the brim just so you can fit them in one photo. : |
Addiction Symptom :2: Most of your clothes still have their tags on even though you've been out like crazy. : /
Addiction Symptom :3: You think you need to have shorts in all the 'nice' colours cuz it's summer. : @
Addiction Symptom :4: Cuz black never goes out of style? : O
Addiction Symptom :5: You buy a basic pink one the first time cuz your wardrobe needs 'colour' and the other two with a design next time cuz the trial line is a kilometre long and you're unsure how you'd fit!
All/ZARA (Ofcourse!)
Addiction Symptom :6: You shop for winter in the summer!
Coral Jacket/BERSHKA
Cardigan/ Silver and red wraparound cardigans/Striped patchwork jumper/ZARAKNIT
Addcition Symptom :7: You hide the number of striped things you have!
Ruffled sleeve top/ZARA
Wide legs/FOREVER 21 Bangkok
Basic white shirt/ Sheer black top/FOREVER 21 India
Gifts/BFF Canada : D
The Aeropostale fits like dream <3

                  White shirt/ Peach Dress/ Leopard print sling bag/ MISS SELFRIDGE
Missing Jewellery/NEXT POST!
The everyday bag now!
Leopard print sling bag/MISS SELFRIDGE
Clutch bag/Colour block bag/MBK Bangkok
Black Roman sandals/MOTHER EARTH Bangalore
LOVE the Roman sandals <3
 Sigh! Shopping stores and Credit cards!!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I didn't know some endings could feel so great.

Well, I am back from a whole lot of flight changes and a major sleep cycle change that did not work out as planned but then again, college starts in a couple days so that should work itself out. And quite honestly, I am not going so close as thinking about that, cuz believe it or not I did make it through to the final year of my ''yes I want to-and not quite'', love-hate relationship with college, people, and everything else. I challenged myself, fought in and fought out, fell and just made plain war at times, and quite unbelievably, this is the best fucking feeling I've ever felt. I feel proud and sorta even content. I made my place, one that didn't need validation, one that was just irreplaceable, just how I like it. I am strong and I'm weak, but I'm most definitely going to make this work. I always thought I had my calling as a writer, esp. now since I have a bunch of credible stuff to back myself up with, but I'm happy that I don't regret getting into a professional course, getting closer each day towards a technical degree that may just open a whole plethora of opportunities. Maybe even help me become part of a whole new avant-garde institution of writers.

Anywhoo, these are just some pictures from one of the few places I went to. This is from our first day in Pattaya at Central World mall, wore a grey FCUK t-shirt, Garage shorts and Accessorize beach slippers. (Also, she's wearing a Zara skirt and Zara shirt and slippers bought in Mauritius and he's wearing S.Oliver 3/4ths, Esprit slippers and shirt is probably a Zara too. Yes, we're a Zara crazy kinda family. OHH and Aryan's wearing Zara shorts, Okaidi t-shirt and Superman slippers :D )

The first meal, after ALOT of vegetarian food hunting. It would be safe to say this particular pizza place saved us all our afternoon lunch times, esp. in Pattaya!
My babe <3
The short LOL moment.
LOVE how Aryan remained our personal photographer the entire time!
And, the hotel!
Some soul searching. ;]
And the highly talked about Tifanny's Show! LOVED-IT.

And more on the shopping or let's say 'non-shopping' (yes, in Bangkok, KILL-ME!), and other stuff later.