Sunday, 14 April 2013

New in : February.

This was the result of one of the many sprints I have been doing to the mall. Well, not really. I am not that close by to the malls of my liking. Sigh! And if I do end up sprinting all the way from home, I'd be even lesser than skin and bone. -_-
So, resorting to the same old drive like your favourite store's on fire routine for now.

This one in particular happened by chance though. I was supposed to be chauffeuring my uncle to one of his uber intellectual meetings and all I was looking forward to was lunch later. Prepared to wander away time at the Airport coffee place, I even had my nerdy glasses on to look like all that fancy talk don't phase me. But well as luck would have it, things got rescheduled and we decided to head home instead. My home. The mall, that is. 
And even though I just had a big one pasted on my face, my heart was somersaulting like a sugar fed kid in Disneyland.

*Everything bought with my own money.
Geez, just kidding dad!

So, I went to three places and the items mentioned are in the in the order of naming, that is, Forever 21, Zara and Fab India.

Fab India | Aloe Vera soothing gel, Vitamin E night cream, Rose Geranium face and body gel scrub, Vitamin E de-pigmentation cream, Aloe Vera under eye gel.

Lastly, these were some bits and bobs from all the places combined that don't really make the cut owing to the weather right now or their non fashion/beauty related nature. 

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