Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New In: Clothing.

Soo, a couple weeks back I went to the mall hoping to just look around at all the new stuff and get something good to eat. But I had been looking for a good pair of white skinny jeans for the longest time and just as I saw these at Zara I hoped to not attach alot of excitement to them (owing to numerous disappointments in the past), even though they did seem my perfect kinda fit and style. I went to try them on and Hallelujah, cuz this was it. We had planned a weeks getaway to Varanasi in a few days, so I thought a loose fitting white tee couldn't really do any harm. And harm it didn't, in fact, it did fetch me a compliment or two from two random Japanese guys! I know. A shirt could do that? Well, it did in my case. And these shoes well, they're open toed, nude and on trend, everything a summer shoe needs to be.

Jeans | Zara
Tee | Mango
Shoes | Zara

1 comment:

  1. white pants. always wanted a pair. never risked it. after all, white.

    ps: those clothes look lifeless without u in them!