Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring Colours.

So spring has come and gone. Or has it? If you're holding a hot cup somewhere and crying your heart out reading this, well, hang in there cuz better days are yet to come your way. I am just in a tropical country and we either have scorching heat wave blinding us or harsh cold winds slapping our faces. 
Anywayyy this outfit is basically just all colour and comfort. We are still trying to figure out our camera's idiosyncrasies (yes, mine has a life) and stuff should just get better as we progress. 
I bought these shorts last summer from Forever 21 and never got around to wearing them up until 'spring' was right around the block. Congratulations to my cousin, who's baby boy's birth day (literally) was the same day as the inauguration of this chevron printed goodness. All I did was loose the cardigan and scarf and recreate this for an OOTD. 


Tee/ Shoes/ Bag | Zara
Shorts/ Necklace | Forever XXI
Bracelet | Fab Alley

And these are some random ones that make the eyes look flawless. ^.^


  1. I wud never hv blvd d leggings wud wrk ....bt smhw dey do... Gr8 outfit dis one...lv d colors... D yellow bag adds a gr8 finishin touch to it...;)

  2. those colours :S

    btw what do u mean by 'And these are some random ones that make the eyes look flawless. ^.^'

    my friend, your eyes are flawless!