Friday, 15 March 2013

Sheer & Print.

Finally, posting up pictures of the outfit and officially kick-starting the blog. 
I am mostly wearing everything from my go-to store. Surprise!
This is one of the easiest outfits to put together as well as run around in. Everything about it is just sheer comfort. Just put my hair in a bun and I was out the door in no time. The skull-y neck thing is a fairly recent purchase right after my trip to Varanasi. I squealed a little when I saw the only piece left and was having second thoughts right when I reached home. Not saying the tantriks on the ghats were on play subconsciously even when I was back. Well, maybe a little. Because as soon as I got home and tried it on, I was like oh no, I'm an effin' tantrik now. 
BUT, I'm determined, so this better work. 


Pants/Shoes/Necklace/Bag | Zara
Shirt | Forever XXI
Accessories | Fab Alley + Thrift


  1. love everything. hate the skulls. the skulls!!!

    anything else would have done. but skulls?

    so you got the point. :D