Monday, 8 August 2011

New In : ZARA + Work-Wear 101

You know the dilemma and repressed emotions when it comes to 'formal wear' occasions. Yea, it sucks. Especially, when you're in college and you'd rather invest in pieces you actually have a chance at wearing. But work-wear or formal wear can be soo much fun with the right ensembles pieced together. I like adding personal touches wherever there is scope to own the outfit and break into it. Anyway, I have a couple stuff lined up for this month, so eventhough I have a couple formal pants, I couldn't resist when I saw this perfect pair in green at Zara. To go with it, I got the super awesome bag <333 and a dress to wear on my Daddu's b'day tomorrow!!

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Playing safe? Clean cut trousers and a plain white top can never go wrong.
Be sure of the style of pants you're going for, that way you know exactly where it should hug you and where  it should hang loose.
Pay special attention to the fit from the back. An Ill-fitted, messy back makes the butt look bigger and just plain wrong.
Lastly, know the material of the pants and accordingly decide the best lingerie so you don't end up giving  a free show at the event/interview/meeting. Seamless and well fitted underwear is the best bet, that way bra straps stay put and your pants don't scream discomfort from within.
Be confident. Also, plug into Who run the world by Beyonce, and plug out of everything else .  Own it.

ANDD.. Srtke a pose yeaaaauuhh XD

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  1. More pics of the bag maybe ? I looking for a beige/neutral shaded bag too. I liked one at accessorize but it was very expensive.