Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jasmine Tea , What?!

Boys if you're squeamish about 'girly business', exit now. But if you have been wondering for too long why the  'girl' would just turn into a crazy ogre a certain part of every month, find relief.. possibly forever. (I said relief, comeon, not permanent psychotic damage control for life! Greedy, much? Incase you're still wondering, keeping to your business still works as bonus.)

The only thing that is close to being even 'fair' about PMSing is people stay the eff out of your space, well through experience ofcourse!
So, when it is 'that' time of the month, WHAT! NO I dont even know why people say that anymore? Like noone knows?! Yes, okay when you're on your period, yea said-it!, it just doesn't matter. Nothing does! For someone like me, esp. who hardly cares about 'appearances' that much, I could pass with a real messy bun, a baggy shirt and an even baggier pair of pants ( gooo, 70's!!), and keds, I could seriously punch you in the face if you even so much as looked at me weird. Not always though. On 'normal' days, I would probably tell you off classy style, but when my hormones are all about rollercoaster rides, I might as well refrain from all types of talking with the mouth ofcourse.

Soo, okay by now everyone is probably wondering what the heck has the title to do with any of this? Well, it does, atleast to me in my 'condition'. I get the worst period of all time, I'm cramping pre to post like an effin maniac. The WORST cramps that you could ever imagine. It hurts sooo fkn bad, I miss whatever the hell I have scheduled for the day and just not do anything. I can't sit or stand or lie down, NOTHING seems to work. I had started taking pills sometime back so I could atleast just lay in bed the whole time and wait for it to just pass, but really you can't always do that! I've missed important tests and what not.
The past summer was kind of a new beginnings time for me, I turned a new leaf in almost all aspects leaving this one ofcourse but over my trip to Bangkok I found myself hooked on to what became my staple drink throughout the trip, even Thumsup didn't match up! : O
I was drinking Jasmine Tea like the hills were all drying up and we'd never get any tea anymore. I had only had this once before at a dinner in Mainland China, DLF Saket and I lovedd it! So anyway, just on the day we had to leave for Thailand guess who came visiting. Yes, and I thought damn my vacation is ruined! I quickly took a pill just out of instinct so I could atleast pack and not pass out and miss out on anything that I may need. The trip was quite bleh for the no-shopping thing or hardly any, but other than that I was not cramping out like a crazy twat. THANKYOU- Jasmine Tea!
I cannot stress enough on the importance of Green/Jasmine Tea in your life, serious! It burns fat, revitalises, lowers cholesterol & stress levels, reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases/cancer/diabetes + billion and one other stuff. MOST importantly, it relaxes the muscles and therefore lesser cramps = happy period. Damn I never thought it was ever possible, the nerves on my head just popped out everytime I saw that ad on TV claiming an XYZ pad could give you one. But this can! : D

Also, I decided to do a little test on it trying to see if it really works, and well I'm on my date and cramping up like crazy so I made myself some = 2 mahusive coffee mug full of  The People's Republic of China - Jasmine Tea, gulped them down and it is safe to say now that this stuff actually works.
Jasmine Tea - The People's Republic Of China

So to all who become spastic for exactly every 1/3rd  of a month (inclusive of pre and post period time), TRY-IT!
Victim boyfriends, feed up your crazy (but loving) girlfriends!
Suffering siblings, there's a gift idea right there!
Husbands LOL, you have no way out though so might as well.

PS : If it helps any of you (victim boyfriends and such included), just thank me with a subscription. If it doesn't there's still a thousand and one things that it is going to help you with anyway so. : )


  1. waaaow nice! my gf is too intelligent?

  2. wtf?! this does not pass off as a drunken comment. if it was one that is. and if it really was, wth are you doing reading my posts u drunk loser? also, wtf is 'gf' all about? delusional, much?

  3. not to you. i was just discussing my experience. fuck where's the delete button before everything is misread, dumbness of me.

  4. Pls get me addicted to green tea. How do you make it? What all do u add to it ?
    From where did u buy jasmine tea ?