Sunday, 11 September 2011

An Overworked 'Luncheon'.

So, what do you say when you're asked to attend a certain someone's 10 year something Anniversary lunch? Uhm, thankyou very much but open your eyes you're just 20 and there could possibly be no way you fell in love right when you were half of what you are right now? She knew she had me in with the mere mention of the choice of place, Saket, but everything else kinda took a turn down from there. Anyway not to give out painful details but after much talk and a billion confirmations, a preponed exam, horrible traffic, last moment flower pickups, non-punctual other side of the friend's friends a.k.a. people who kept everyone waiting for what seemed like a late second lunch of the day, first gas fill, a bundle of 'emergency situations', a second gas fill, just plain wrong choice of drinks, we finally managed to make it through all of the ruckus and nobody got hurt. Except for ofcourse some slight problems with the uhm systems (read Vrinda & Shriyanka)?!

The awkward moments and uncomfortable smiles can be well read into through the pictures..


Aerpostale T-Shirt, ZARA jeans in pink, F21T-straps.

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  1. what happened to that oh so gorgeous smile? sikhana padega lagta hai. but may i madameoiselle?