Sunday, 10 July 2011

I didn't know some endings could feel so great.

Well, I am back from a whole lot of flight changes and a major sleep cycle change that did not work out as planned but then again, college starts in a couple days so that should work itself out. And quite honestly, I am not going so close as thinking about that, cuz believe it or not I did make it through to the final year of my ''yes I want to-and not quite'', love-hate relationship with college, people, and everything else. I challenged myself, fought in and fought out, fell and just made plain war at times, and quite unbelievably, this is the best fucking feeling I've ever felt. I feel proud and sorta even content. I made my place, one that didn't need validation, one that was just irreplaceable, just how I like it. I am strong and I'm weak, but I'm most definitely going to make this work. I always thought I had my calling as a writer, esp. now since I have a bunch of credible stuff to back myself up with, but I'm happy that I don't regret getting into a professional course, getting closer each day towards a technical degree that may just open a whole plethora of opportunities. Maybe even help me become part of a whole new avant-garde institution of writers.

Anywhoo, these are just some pictures from one of the few places I went to. This is from our first day in Pattaya at Central World mall, wore a grey FCUK t-shirt, Garage shorts and Accessorize beach slippers. (Also, she's wearing a Zara skirt and Zara shirt and slippers bought in Mauritius and he's wearing S.Oliver 3/4ths, Esprit slippers and shirt is probably a Zara too. Yes, we're a Zara crazy kinda family. OHH and Aryan's wearing Zara shorts, Okaidi t-shirt and Superman slippers :D )

The first meal, after ALOT of vegetarian food hunting. It would be safe to say this particular pizza place saved us all our afternoon lunch times, esp. in Pattaya!
My babe <3
The short LOL moment.
LOVE how Aryan remained our personal photographer the entire time!
And, the hotel!
Some soul searching. ;]
And the highly talked about Tifanny's Show! LOVED-IT.

And more on the shopping or let's say 'non-shopping' (yes, in Bangkok, KILL-ME!), and other stuff later.

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