Tuesday, 26 July 2011

College &..

you know those weird days when you don't want to be mad at everyone but you're mad at everyone for no apparent reason really but you just think being defensive is not only the last but the Only resort kinda thing and you're going through all these random documents and videos and books and other stuff lying around you and you think damn! I have SO much to do and time suddenly feels to be slipping through your fingers, literally!, you can feel it, like your breath, shortened yet aware, because, how expressive can it really be now?and then you know... 

BAM!.. O.C.D!


; ]

Zara Shirt/Zara Leggings/Zara flats. Same old same old. : D

And, ofcourse..

The camera just hit a new 'high',and with all the editing and blah I wna kiss it soo hard! NOT 
; [